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Help with shipping please

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I make melts for myself and friends, i dont sell. I sen some 24 tarts to my daughter in Ohio.I put them in a zoiplock bag flat and wrapped in bubble wrap and put them in a brown envelope and mailed. When she recieved them she said they were a little crushed,

The only things I have shipped there before were large Cgristmas present boxes. I'm wondering if there is another way to ship these tarts with outspending a fortune on priority box flat rate. I did try to get them in a small fat but they were to tight a fit.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Yes! Go on the USPS website (I can link later when I am on my computer) and order priority regional rate a boxes. They are free to order. They do take about 2 weeks to arrive. They are just a touch smaller than a medium flat rate box but will be cheaper than those or even a plain box shipped priority. I just sent 2.5 pounds of melts to my DIL and the regional rate a box was much less by a few dollars. They typically cost me between $6 and $8 whereas a medium flat rate box would be $11-ish.

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We ship melts/tarts almost daily. Do not put them in envelopes. Put them in small boxes surrounded by bubblewrap or peanuts. A box has less chance of being damaged than do envelopes (I know because I retired from the PO). Priority flat rate boxes are a rip unless the items in the box are heavy. Up to 13 ounces use First Class with tracking. Over 13 ounces use priority but not the flat rate. Figure it out both ways sometime and you will see why flat rate boxes are a rip unless the items are heavy or you just want to make it easy on yourself.

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