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where to get 6380 wax

country bee

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well,thanks anyway.I am sure this wax must be under a different name some where.I emailed some manufactures of waxes and am waiting for any news.It is a fine grandulated wax for votives and candle tarts-low melt point pops right out of the molds has a nice finish to the wax ,colors easy and throws scent very well.

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Country Bee, you have me curious about this wax. I have never heard about it before, so I did some searching. I only found two places that sell it- Tri-state and Candles & Supplies. Sounds like candle science used to carry it too, but no more.

Do you really like it for tarts? I have been blending my own parasoy blend for tarts, but would love to find one wax that I like.

Does anyone else on this board use this wax and recommend it?

It's curious to me, that with the rise of tart making the last few years, that this wax would fall off the radar.

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well,I have tried a lot of waxes and I keep going back to 6380 -it whips up great for pastry tarts-it holds fo well even at 12% except for heavy fo's but bakery scents is not as good as I would like them to be for some reason or it may be my nose,my clients can tell the difference when I try a different wax,yeah I try to fool them once in a while just to see the feed back.I even like mixed 50-50 with tcs wax.Thanks for the input-I thought I went on candles and supplies-I am off to look.

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