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set up for trying out carving globes

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Hi, I've just started making candles and became totally intrigued by the candles that are made by. http://www.globalcandlegallery.com/candles/art/flame/ I want to try something like that but i have one big Nesco that I can put small cans of wax in. It looks like clear with paraflint for the core. And then some translucent colors(probably more paraflint) then something opaque. Maybe their outer layer are in high temp wax too. It seem like i would need different types of dyes. Is there anyway to try something like this without spending a fortune? When these candles are lit the translucent colors glow. It just tripped my trigger.

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Those can be done several way. What I did was made ball candles out of if Igi 1343. I lightly dyed the wax. Make sure you have a long wick on the up side then I dipped them in a wax a little hard I honestly can not remember which wax I use for the over dip. I dipped until I reach my desired thickness. While the wax was still warm I carved my design and peeled the over dip out. It does take practice to know how deep to carve you do not want to carve in to the original ball candle.

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