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Starting your own real shop


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Has anyone had a real shop ?

I ask because I have just been offered a possible small shop in a local shopping centre.

Some shops in my area have been closing and the council is working with a company to refill those shops with local designers, dress makers etc. My candles fit that bill and they would like to see my in one of the small shops.

I will be able to make my candles in the shop and also train someone to help me, thankfully paid by the council and Australian government.

Is running a real shop worth while? (not online)

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I've had a real shop for several years. Business right now is horrible. There was a time I made good money, but for now, that time is gone.

There is a reason shops in your area have been closing.

I don't mean to discourage you. I would rather be realistic, though, than encourage you with all the platitudes that generally come from people who have no experience. I think the bottom line is if you can afford out of your pocket all the expenses that come with a shop, and I do mean ALL, then do it. If not, don't. It's a harsh bottom line, but you must consider worst case scenario.

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Thanks for your reply.

Because the council is paying for the rent of the shop, there will only be costs like the cash till, efpos (credit card) machine, shelves, tables and of course wax, fragrances etc.

Because the shop is on 3 month lease at a time there would not be a big shop, mostly votives, melts and jar candles.

So my outlay should be at a minimum, but I can see past that and will add in an extra 50% costs on to of what I think it will cost to run it.

My area is a small town but lots of people come past here on tours to other towns. We're like a pitt shop. Still the town has 10,000 people.

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I would caution you to take what you think you'll need to spend and double it. Just getting my online/craft fair/wholesale business going I easily spent double what I thought I would - and I had a business plan! If you can afford that, then I say go for it! Enjoy!

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I got back to the council about this today and Im about to put in my application for a shop. I have seen the 2 shops they currently have.

The shops are very nice and would suit my needs until I can get established in my area. I can't make candles in the shop which is a bummer but I can still make jewellery there.

I would have to close the shop for 1 day a week to create my candles. Most likely a Monday. Weekend traffic is good here as it'a a pass through for tours on weekends.

I found out there is a $25 per week cost for the rent, electric is paid by council. So my expenses should be pretty low, it's just setting up the tables and the till/payment methods.

It should be an interesting learning curve for me. :)

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