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Warmer Question

Grani L

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Hello, I recently purchased a warmer at Walmart. 25 Wattage bulb type. So it luminates all nice and pretty from the light, but when I put a melt inside, I smell more of a light bulb smell than I do scent. So I switched warmers. I took the (square) bowl off of the light bulb warmer and put it on my plate warmer(the bowl for this one fell and broke a bit ago) and boy did it fill the room. I just went to the store and purchased a 40Watt - "Ceiling fan" bulb. -- My question is do you know what may have been going on? My only thought is the 25 watt wasnt getting hot enough to "heat up" the scent. But my issue is, do you think I should purchase a scensy warmer? I understand they use 25 and 15 wattage bulbs in their warmers? The melts are throwing pretty nice - especially during these first 2 hours but in plate warmers so far. Do you all have any suggestions? The scents I am melting are Tropical Paradise (Candle Wic) and Coconut Lime (Peaks)

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I have a Scentsy warmer. My home is large and open with 18' ceilings. The 25 watt bulb was not cutting it, so I replaced it with a 40 watt. Scent throw is great with the 40 watt bulb! I have been doing this for months now and so far so good! I often leave my burner on 24 hours a day. ( I do give it a rest from time to time) And I will usually get 2 full days of fragrance per tart change. I also use 2 tarts in the burner since the bowl is rather large. Good Luck!

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