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What jars you using?

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What jars are you using for candles and how much are you paying per jar?

I am using 8 oz. JJ from TCS (.60 each, no shipping) and Pint Masons using white plastic lids (from WM),..so far my cost is about $1.20 per Pint Mason jar (no shipping).

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I am using 8 oz mason jars with metal lids from CS that cost about $1 each with shipping and I just started using recycled wine bottles. I can add between 10 and 20-ish ounces of wax. Hubby cuts them for me and we sand down the edges. I also use 11 oz libbey vibe jars I get from Hobby Lobby that are about $3 each. Those are mostly for special orders though for folks who really like those jars. I sometimes use 8 oz jelly jars also from CS for about .80 cents each also but I don't like the look of those as much though.

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With shipping I pay 1.25 for each 8 ounce square mason with the lid from CS - they are the best overall price I have found with shipping and I have not found these anywhere local to buy from

I could get them for 1.11 each with Lid if I bought 180 at a time....but I don't don't sell that many yet to take the leap!

I love the square masons- they are exactly the country/rustic/primitive jar I was looking for- I have not tested any other jar yet but bought some of the salsa jars off the classies here to try and add something a little different

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