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I make shower gel and lotion but just for myself so I can tell you where I buy but the experts here who make and sell will likely have better sources.

I use hair and skin products with no sulfates nor silicone and bases I found at a lot of my FO suppliers had both so I just stuck with where I had been buying for years for myself. As with wax, the shipping is killer!

I buy from essentialwholesale.com. Here is a link to their bases: http://www.essentialwholesale.com/Bulk-Cosmetics-Natural-Organic

I prefer the Goat Milk Crème because I have dry skin. For shower gel I prefer the 3-1 Free & Clean Gel (Sulfate Free).

Then, I add FO's. I like Flannel Sheets for a soapy clean and things like Toasted Marshmallow or Cotton Candy Frosting for lotion.

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Some here could really help you if you really wished to make your own. I use bases so I really call what I do is blend or mix rather than make but I am not crafty and it works for me. The most I ever do is add some coconut or other oils and FO.

Bases are a good place to start and likely where I will stay since they have done the work for me. I understand that it is less expensive to mix your own from scratch but I have never done it.

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