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2-3 weeks of reading and> my first attempts and my first accident


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Lip Balm - used the BCN base with mango, 5 tubes...Then did a second batch using spearmint/dash of peppermint+ some of my fav lipstick to tint it..really like it but am still dying to make it from scratch...

M&P soap- goatsmilk base from BCN.. Found a couple of recipies for some additives from candybee and I thiiiink Jeanie ( sorry if im wrong)..I kind of did a combination of both ..Scented with black rasberry vanilla-yum(peaks)..Wasn't real happy with how it suds and it was a little drying after use..Remelted and added a tsp of emu oil and some Dr. Bonners.. Muuch better.

Tonight I tackled tarts..Hubbys fav candle is buttercream..Figured I best start there to win him over to this new hobby lol...(I had ordered buttercream from fnwl (for candles) before I found this site- I love the smell of it...since then I've ordered 4oz from CS (for B&B)- not near as rich to me- so I mixed them half n half)

8 oz batch--wax was 50/50 4630 and 4625..FO I did at 9% ( i know I'll want it strong) I'd heard you should add bakery FO's at 180 and stir for 2-2 1/2 mins to incorperate... As soon as I started stiring I knew it just didn't smell right.. I cant describe it but, it wasnt buttercream lol

Next was pumpkin souflee(CS) love this FO. Eventhough, I've read that the scent doesnt last long in melts...I used the same wax combo... but FO was at 8% and added at 170-175 still stiring for 2-2 1/2 mins...Added tip of toothpic of red + tip ot toothpick of yellow+ 1 drop of brown, perfect pumpkin color and the smell was fabulous!..Hope they both throw well

I was all pattin myself on the back..Feelin all accomplished n chit..Smiling as I cleaned up my mess...................And then it happened, even though i'd read the warnings....I hadnt screwed the lid on my red dye :: hangin head::.. Tripped and red dye went flying...all inside my FO cabinet, my area rug ( thank gawd its old), my pants, shirt, socks, all over my hands all the way up to my elbows rofl ... And with all the crap I've bought, do ya think I bought goo-gone..nooooo rofl...The more I scrubbed the bigger the red got lol...Off to find goo gone tomorrow

bear dipping next wk = with NO red dye!

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To late to edit..but wanted to change something...It was candybee and prarieanies recipies that I played with..Thank you both (smile)

And while I'm at it... Anyone that is successful with buttercream tarts could make a guess as to why the FO dissipated/had an odd smell while mixing it in?.... I thought bakery scents were to be added around 180 withy /\ mizing...Is buttercream not considered a bakery scent?

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I made a bunch of melts with Birthday Cake (P), added around 175-180- they are throwing pretty well. This fo has thrown well for me in containers, so testing with it in melts. My fav buttercream is Buttercream Frosting from DS, throws great in 4633 in containers, and will be testing in melts too (I love the Yank** Buttercream and this to me is SO close, maybe better!) So sorry to hear about the red dye- hope you got it out! (but being the loyal NE husker fan that I am, I'd leave some of the red dye on the clothes to wear on game day!:)- got to try to find a silver lining somewhere!) Good luck with your testing!

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I did, I had/am having a blast ( lil smile)...Testing throw and longevity of throw today...

Se2653- ty for the recomendation..DS=daystar right?... and yes that darn yank buttercream is what I'm after lol....I'm trying to figure out if there is a difference in the tart/throw with skin safe FO's compared to a candle FO..Since there is such a huge difference in my fnwl(candle) fo as opposed to my CS ( skin safe FO) or if I just somehow wasnt supposed to mix the two or I somehow poured too hot...Or maybe the 9% FO load was just too high..But it deff smells like paraffin.

Annnyone ever made tarts with the same fragrance but diff catagories??? Did you notice any difference in strength etc...

This sucks...so many suppliers i need to order from lol... DS/fnwl for the butter cream...Peaks for some sample waxes and lilac for a dipped bear for my fav client/per request and some blck canyon....CS for more pumpkin souflee ( which is gonna be my tester FO for the diff waxes) ... Oh and lets not forget bittercreek for carrier oils,dryflo,aroma beads and more bears.......eeeeesh! Why oh why cant they put all this stuff in one place lol!

And thank you all sooo much for the goo gone tip... All the red dye came completely off/my skin, at least= I wont scare my clients now lol

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