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Clamshell Display Rack


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This unit is made from pine 1” x 2” boards. DH is cutting it down a bit this week and the finished height will be 68” tall. To make this unit you’ll need the following lengths of 1” x 2” boards:

6 @ 68” (uprights)

7 @ 13.25” (across the back)

14 @ 7” (the sides)

This unit has a space of 10.5” in-between the boards used to hang the totes. From the bottom board which is all the way at the bottom. Going up from the bottom place your boards at 7”, 19”, 31” 43” & 55”. That equals the 1.5” (width of the 1 x 2) plus 10.5”. The measurements are from the top side of the board.

We could not find the hinges locally and the cheapest place we found the hinges was here:


The totes I purchased from Target. They are in our stores but not available at Target online.

I have always stored my tarts in these totes however for displaying we had to put a 2” piece of Styrofoam in the bottom of the totes to elevate them for easier viewing. We picked it up at our local Lowes Home Improvement store.

The hooks we purchased at Lowes as well and they are mirror hooks.


1 – Rack

2 – Mirror Hooks

3 – Hinges

4 – Front view of tote

5 – Side view of tote

6 – Rack at show. We always start with full inventory and I took this picture at the end of the show. Throughout the show when I get a break I reorganize the scents. This was a good show for us hence the empty totes.

7 – Folded for transport


Edit - If you don't have access to a woodworker and would like DH to build one I can have him work up a price. I have no idea what it would cost to ship.







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