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Lately my soaps have been sticking like crazy to my slabs dividers. Usually this is not a big problem, so I had to think what has changed. I stopped using Borax in my lye water because of the terrible ash it caused and once I left it out the ash went away. I came across a thread one day about how Borax helps soap to come out of the mold and reduce stickiness; that's when it occurred to me what had changed. I know that its a fact about the relationship of Borax and ash but is there any basis for it helping soap to release from the mold?


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I cannot answer your question since I don't use borax, but I just wanted to mention that I add sodium lactate to my lye water, and it helps tremendously in getting my soap to release super easy from my molds. It also helps with other things as well, such as hardness, adding body to the lather, making HP batter more fluid, enabling liquid soap paste to dilute quicker and easier, etc... It's probably the most versatile and useful soap additive I keep on hand.

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