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applique on a quilt

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How do you applique on a quilt border without using the fusible web and having unfinished seams? The shapes are leaves, so irregular and maybe I'll just have to fuse? I tried turning under an edge, and it was horrible. If I do fuse, how do you finish. I don't have a blanket stitch on my machine and my hand work is lacking quality. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Beth

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I was taught back in the dark ages to use the freezer paper and then iron the applique pieces into place and that would hold enough to sew down. Back then we did all sewing by hand, most people didn't have fancy machines and I'm not sure if fusible web even existed back then (mid 80's-ish).

I have a book that shows using the tiny, tight zig zag as SliverofWax mentioned. I'm primarily a hand quilter, but now that I have a higher end machine with some really nice stitches I am learning more about machine quilting.

It's funny, my entire life I have preferred hand sewing, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the machine. Go figure.

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Thank you for your answers. It sounds like fusible web would be the easiest and then try a few samples of machine zig zag and hand sewing to see which turns out the nicest. This is my first quilt and it is king size and I think coming out nice. Hey, the dog, cat and husband aren't to critical. I'm finally learning how to make flying geese without wasting material. Took me 48 blocks so far so you can see I am somewhat of a slow learner! Will post a picture when it is finished. Thanks again. Beth

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