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  1. Hi, Has anyone made led light candles? I have made some candles that are hollow on the inside and purchased a few packs of rechargeable led tea lights from China. Well they only worked for the first 2 days and now they barely work so I am looking for a new idea for a light inside the candle, ideally with a possibility to recharge or change the battery when empty. Any advice or ideas are very welcome! Regards, Marieke
  2. Hi candleprince, have just pm'ed you a whole lot of information.
  3. Hi, I have been testing the C3 (left) in a vase with 3 wicks and the CB Advanced (right) in a vase with 3 wicks. I used a FO load of 8% of the same fragrance in both candles and CD7 wicks in both…the results don't lie. The soot in the C3 (left) is considerably worse than the CB Advanced (right) and the wax becomes much darker yellow then the CB Advanced. I also have problems with tiny little bubbles forming on top of the candle in the C3, does anyone else have this or knows why this is? If I use the C3 on its own, without any FO but with CD8 wicks for example, it burns a lot cleaner (same as CB Advanced with FO) but there are still lots of tiny bubbles on the surface. So my opinion is that the CB Advanced is so much better, a lot more expensive, but lots better and cleaner. I am selling refills for these vases as well which I can not make with the C3 as it doesn't unmould but the CB Advanced does unmould as long as the temperature in the room is not too hot. I am trying to make a more perfect candle and refill for this as there is still some soot on the surface after many hours burning. Can anyone tell me what I could add to make the CB Advanced a little harder and so easier to unmould and to make it an even more clean burning candle to take that last bit of soot away? I was thinking to add a bit (10 to 20% max.) of beeswax? I am currently testing a combination of CB Advanced with 20% of Ecosoy PB but i can see there is still a tiny bit of soot on the surface. Anyone got any ideas for a more soot free option? Thanks so much in advance for any comments.
  4. Hello Svenw, I have been candle making for about 7 years now and use Soy (for containers) as well as palm wax (for pillars). I find that mixing soy and palm together does not really give good results at all. I have only worked with pillar palm wax so i don't know the working of container wax mixed in with soy wax. For a pillar candle I have tried mixing 1/5 of Container Soy wax to the pillar palm wax to avoid cracking of the candle but it's still not a perfect blend. To a container soy wax I have tried adding 1/5 of palm wax to make the candle a little harder but this is not a great blend either. I am currently looking into mixing some rapeseed or beeswax into my container soy wax as well to make a better performing candle but have no results yet.
  5. Hi Chris, Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I do have lots of customers demanding multiple wick candles which will be great once I figure out a good formula as I can sell them for lots more doing he same amount of work ;-) I am trying the 6" mold with 4 wicks now but only done 5 hrs on it so far so too early to see anything. I am also trying a 10" diameter candle now with 7 wicks. After the first 5 hours it looks to burn perfect but it may change…. in the next 40 hrs. Any one else making multiple wicks or any advise for me? Thanks! M.
  6. Hi, Does anyone have experience with large multiple wick pillar candles? I have 3-wick molds (6" diameter x 6.5" high) and use feathered Palm wax with 3 x RRD 40 wicks so far. The result is okay except that once the candle has burned half way down it starts looking really ugly, see attached photo. My solution to that was to only fill the molds halfway (so approx 3" high) so that once the candle starts looking ugly its nearly finished. But I am still not happy with the result, too much wax is left over and it still looks ugly. I am going to try to add an extra wick in the center tomorrow and see if that works better. Does anyone experience this same problem or have a better solution for me? Also, I am testing a 7" diameter 4-wick candle and a 8" diameter 5-wick candle, will have to wait to see any results as it burns down. Does anyone have any advice on this for me? Is there a rule on how to place wicks in a 8" diameter pillar candle and how would you place them? Also, if anyone could give me some advice on what I could use as a mold for this? I want it to look nice and the pillar needs to be straight. The once I am testing currently I have made in a large glass vase but the bottom isn't straight and the edges are to much rounded. I hope to get some feedback of anyone making multiple wick giant pillar candles, preferably with palm wax (for these big pillars I am using a non crystalizing palm pillar wax as it seems to melt down a little better (smoother) around!! Thank you so much in advance for all the help!! Marieke
  7. Hi, Thanks for your answer. And yes testing candles is very very frustrating!!! I have tried 2 wicks in another diameter but this doesn't work for me, I don't get a whole mp. I have tried a palm wax mixed in with a little bit of C3 and RRD wicks and the vase gets really really hot, even with the smaller wicks the vase gets hot but this still doesn't solve any soot issues. I don't have soot issues with the 1 wick, just with the multiple wicks. So Vernie why do you mix the CB advanced and C3 together and in a 4 1/2" vase, would you use the HTP wicks and how far a part would you place them from each other? And don't you get any soot left on the candle surface or on the walls of the vase? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I also get this black film of soot on the candle when not using any fragrance. I don't get it when burning a 1 wick candle, only when I put multiple wicks in, usually 3 wicks. Does anyone experience this when making multiple wick candles using the Soy C3 or CB Advanced?
  9. Hi, I am making 3-wick candles in glass vases (diameter varying from 4.5"to 5") since a few years but find that with both waxes I still get quite a lot of soot build up on the candle itself. Once the candle if burned halfway through black circles start to form on the top of the candle and towards the end the candle looks very ugly and dirty. I usually use 3 x CD8 or 10 for them as I found that 3 x CD7 doesn't give a whole melt pool. Can any one tell me if this soot up build is normal or if I should mix my wax with anything or use other wicks? I have tried Eco, LX, HTP, RRD wicks but don't really like them as much as the CD. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  10. Hello,Could anyone please help me with the following please?I would like to know how a 6" x 6 1/2" 3-wick candle is supposed to burn, and a loaf (brick) model with 5 wicks and the 5" heart model with 3 wicks?Should each wick create one burnpool and remain like that as it burns down or is it normal that the meltpools of all wicks melt together and become one big meltpool?I find that in the 6" x 6 1/2" the RRD 37 and the ply 24 work very well but after burning a few hours it becomes one big meltpool. I hope anyone can answer above questions and give their wick suggestions please.Thanks a lot in advance!Marieke
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