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  1. Hi!!!! does anyone know where i can find molds or Metal or Plastic cupat, for soap making with patterns of Disney?.
  2. These Hurricane candles when are lighten are very very beautiful.
  3. Thank you all for answering. Could you please tell me where I can find this kind of mold?
  4. Does everyboby know with what kind of mold is that made?:embarasse
  5. in which kind of file do you want to sent you?
  6. Does everyboby know what mold is that?:embarasse Thanks:wink2: Handmade. Resize of MOLD.bmp
  7. From my new containers collection!!
  8. [ATTACH]23255[/ATTACH]Happy a New Year!!!!! DFYHRD.bmp
  9. Thank you very much for your amazing comments
  10. I am looking for silicon large :tiptoe:roses candle mold ,of very good quality:confused: Any help????????
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