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  1. I have a silly question about heating the jars before pouring the wax. I’ve wanted to put them in the oven to warm them (because sinkholes), but have been unsure about the best order of operations. Would you typically heat the jars and then continue with the wick assembly? I think that makes the most sense but I’m afraid of the jars being too hot to the touch. How hot should the jars be?
  2. Ahh yes..I just hadn't experienced this with other wax before but that makes a lot of sense. Would I be able to remedy with using a heat gun or would you recommend a better way to get a level surface? Thank you so much for the help (on this post and throughout the forum!)
  3. Hi all, I'm relatively new to candle making and recently discovered this amazing forum. I've been trying to comb through previous posts but couldn't find anything on this, so apologies if this is repeated somewhere. I've been noticing that as the wax dries in my container candles, it's doing this odd thing where it's pulling away from the wick. I'm using IGI 6006, pouring at 170 F, adding FO from Candle Science (White Tea at 10% and Cactus Jade at 8%), and using ECO 2 for the votive and ECO 8 for the larger container. This wax/wick issue has affected mostly the small 2.5oz votives, but it happened for the first time on the larger 8.5oz Libbey jar too. This hasn't happened with any of the other waxes I've tried so not sure what I'm doing wrong here! Thank you in advance for any help.
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