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  1. This is one with Cajun Candle Beads I just recently made this one. I had been using these beads for some time now & they pop right out the cutters no need to spray anything down or buy special pans I just simply bake & let them cool for about 10 minutes. Unlike other beads I’ve ruined because they stuck to the cutters I’ve experienced beads that break off, the melting in the car, the beads that lose scent after a day or two. Cajun Candles I’ve never had a problem with 👍🏼 I thought about testing buyaromabeads.com has anyone used there beads I’d like to know your opinion & read a review on them. TIA
  2. I’ve tried so many beads already Aromabeadsonline,Buyitshipit,Cajun Candles, & Plastic Pellets 4 Fun. I had really liked PP4F until today I had this one melt in my cousin’s car 😕 I’ve never had one melt & now I’m kinda scared to send out my orders that I have with these beads. I think I’ll be sticking with Cajun Candles it takes longer but the quality to me is better & I’ve always found them easier to work with ❤️ The customer service is great I’ve called twice before & they are always helpful & kind. Cheaper is not always better in my case ☹️
  3. Thank you ladies I finally tried a 3lb bag of beads from PlasticPellets4Fun and I really liked them the only thing I didn’t like was that they were so small but once baked they were quite pretty and my colors looked a bit brighter. I just don’t know how long they last yet haven’t tested that yet. My Cajun beads did last a whole month throwing off scent but they do take a while to soak up the fo. I mixed both beads for my last order and liked the results. If I could find a bead like PlasticPellets4Fun that was the same size as Cajun and have both things I liked about both that would be great.
  4. I’m trying Cajun Candles aroma beads now hopeing for good results. Have tried Aroma beads online and buy it ship it with okay and not so good results. I’m still new to making them and testing things out
  5. Where are you getting the leather scents from? I’ve tried a few from different sites and can’t find one I actually smell and like. Testing NG leather jacket today
  6. Hi I'm new to making aroma beads and have ordered from buy it ship it & aroma beads online. My scents aren't very strong or lasting as long as I'd like. Where do you order beads from and how long do they last you? I was thinking about ordering from Cajun candles because the site says they absorb 40% of the fragrance oil. Also where do y'all order fragrance oil from? Who has ordered from PlasticPellets4fun? I need help and your opinions
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