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  1. I'm a guy (straight - so obviously don't have those around for whatever reason) myself and I'd have to order something like that off amazon if I were to go that route. Don't want to order nylon stockings though to clean the candles. I don't want 10 of those laying around as I've lost the first 9 then have someone come over and the other 9 randomly appear to them as a single straight guy myself. Even if I say "I promise I don't wear these and these are for cleaning candles only" I still don't want to explain it over and over again as a story. It's also not something I'd see in the long run myself. I could 3D print in nylon and try that route to as well. Not a bad idea, but I'd want something more that I could have around long term. Rather than having like a collection of 50-100 nylon stockings at some point down the road. Have a box or a tub of old ones and someone is helping me move and they drop the box which reveals roughly 50-100 nylon stockings. I'm a button down shirt type of guy. I just really like candles or candle making. I'm somewhat eccentric myself at least, but having nylon stockings around would be pushing it completely especially if I did collect a large collection over time. Not a bad idea though just wouldn't fit with me as a guy.
  2. Is there a way to clean the white residue or white powder off the candles that come out of the candle molds? I think it's the spray (candle remover spray to remove candles out of candle molds) I'm using that heats up then dries to leave a white residue on the outside of a candle. I want to soak the candles in luke warm water for a while and give that a try. The candle wax I use is paraffin wax that's very hard and it won't break easily. It's one of the candle waxes you can drop and nothing really happens or it won't break for the most part even or even chip. Anyone know?
  3. One website says 145-150F Another says 140F-165F Another says 175F-185F Another say 160F One of the other ones says 175F-185F as well. I can never tell myself.
  4. I did this one to as well. I know why they are failing to as well. It's strange I wanted to know how to make my candle wax a bit harder. I'm basically using a brick candle wax currently that I can't break easily and I found out the blue dye block I'm using makes it stickier. I had more success on this candle, but this candle failed as well. It's due mostly to how sticky the blue dye block is melted in with the candle wax. The blue dye in the candle wax sticks to the mold more and I have to make sure I'm not using too much as well as applying my mold release spray at the right time to as well. This second time it should work out just fine.
  5. I live in a cold climate (almost in an arctic tundra realm even if just at times) and yesterday the high was -1F/-2F (around here) and the low was -15/-20F. It gets extremely dry here to as well when it's this cold out. I buy soap that has 1/4th lotion in the final product. I'm wondering is it easy to add that amount of lotion into a bar of soap? I make candles usually, but was kind of curious about soap making.
  6. I am trying to get into more complex designs and the candle I made didn't work out at all for the most part. I made multiple mistakes during the process of making my candle. Decided I would share anyways. My candle didn't work out properly for the most part. I know I messed up making the candle. It's not the worlds worse candle though I figure myself. The top turned out fine, but it was the sides that I screw up on a bit.
  7. I had to finish some stuff yesterday and I even took the photos, but I forgot to upload them. These are quick photos I took, but it should explain how to use the tool well enough.
  8. I'll get a picture or two. It's pretty simple once you've seen it set up.
  9. You were technically right. I uploaded the wrong file. Mine is supposed to be a .98. The one I uploaded is 1.00. Going to fix this thanks.
  10. May not be anything incredible, but I thought I might share. This is the first time I've used a color other than white and a scent to as well. The scent is almost perfect. I used a measuring tea spoon and I need to added two more next time (one for each candle) to stir in. My melt pool almost worked out perfectly to as well for the first one. Again nothing special, but I thought I'd share. 1. White Dye Block 2. Blue Dye Block - Going to make them navy blue or some dark blue next time. 3. French Vanilla (Scent) 4. Blessed Exorcism Salts added
  11. You can either make it thinner by taking off an outer edge in some cad(d) program or sand it down with some sand paper. I print this at fine detail myself though since it's a tool as well. I sanded down mine with some sand paper though to make it fit better.
  12. Oh ok. I wasn't sure. You can also set wicks very fast if you know how to use the candle centering tool that I created. Set the pins in originally and you can do 10 large jars in probably a minute or so if not in less time than that. All you have to do is lift it up and put a new wick in the center then glue (stickers) it then place it again and only move it like an inch each time.
  13. @BusyBee You posted in mrposey's thread and I didn't want to hijack that thread so I started a new thread. I don't have the time to create and/or modify anything myself right now. I'm currently working on other projects myself or I'm too busy with my own life right now. I did re-upload my custom candle centering tool that you can download for free below. You can then edit it in a CAD(D) program or modify the design to your liking with a CAD(D) program for what you want to use it for. After you are done modifying it to your liking you can either 3D print (buy a 3D printer) it yourself at that point or have someone else 3D print it for you. There are businesses out there that 3D print designs. I'm not sure how much it costs myself off the top of my head. You'd have to do some searching around for that. https://grabcad.com/library/custom-diy-candle-centering-tool-1
  14. Anyone know of a great strategy for air pockets? I can usually get rid of most of them though. I get problems 10-20% of the time and 80%-90% of the time this works.
  15. I guess. I'm very 7 Deadly Sins at times myself. I'd want to have very well done candles, but avoid pride or lust (desire for anything too far in the luxury / material realm). That link is at least in my realm. I just make candles myself (try to keep it super peaceful spiritually and/or humble for that matter - try to at least) - nothing special. pride alone or bragging for that matter is too far for me even, but I do like to share. I struggle with the word "luxury" myself due to materialism alone. Plus I'm more or so a Christian / Catholic tech guy myself (not very luxurious).
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