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  1. Can anyone recommend a detergent free whipped soap base? I'm in Florida. I'm looking for something simple to work with that I can easily customize Thank you!
  2. I called my order in and got it about 3 days later
  3. Hello, I am in the US and I want to start offering shipping to Canadian customers. I am unsure what the labeling requirements (or other production requirements) would be? I know for the UK has their own requirements for wax melts (labeling and registration). Can someone point me in the right direction? I want to make sure I am shipping everything legally
  4. I had bought these batches back in Febuarary, I just don't make palm melts often. I made both shapes and cups with glass glow, starburst, and feather before, using between 5 - 7 % fragrance. This gives it a good cold throw too. I go a little higher for my normal paraffin-soy blend (as high as 10%) but I know for a fact it holds up to 13% and I add a bit of vybar too. I can't imagine 3% would produce much of a smell in any wax blend whether it was palm or paraffin-soy. I guess that's why I was so confused by the 3%.
  5. Do you know if they changed it recently? Can I melt down what I have and add more palm to it? The ones I made seem to throw well and are dry.
  6. I had in my notes that palm wax could hold a 10% load. I have igi 2322. I made some wax tarts (wickless) at 7.5% I went to order more and the website I got it from says that it can hold a lot. Vague. So, I looked it up, and now I see palm wax has a 3% fo load. That seems so small when Ive always used double that and see that a lot of people use 6%? Can anyone confirm the fo load of 2322 palm? I havent noticed it seeping out or anything.
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