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  1. Fragrance crystal jars? FarmHouse Fragrance Crystals?
  2. I tried looking on the website, but couldn't find the answer. It says the soy wax on the site is vegan, but doesn't specifically say if Pillar of Bliss is or isn't.
  3. Can anyone recommend a detergent free whipped soap base? I'm in Florida. I'm looking for something simple to work with that I can easily customize Thank you!
  4. I called my order in and got it about 3 days later
  5. Hello, I am in the US and I want to start offering shipping to Canadian customers. I am unsure what the labeling requirements (or other production requirements) would be? I know for the UK has their own requirements for wax melts (labeling and registration). Can someone point me in the right direction? I want to make sure I am shipping everything legally
  6. I had bought these batches back in Febuarary, I just don't make palm melts often. I made both shapes and cups with glass glow, starburst, and feather before, using between 5 - 7 % fragrance. This gives it a good cold throw too. I go a little higher for my normal paraffin-soy blend (as high as 10%) but I know for a fact it holds up to 13% and I add a bit of vybar too. I can't imagine 3% would produce much of a smell in any wax blend whether it was palm or paraffin-soy. I guess that's why I was so confused by the 3%.
  7. Do you know if they changed it recently? Can I melt down what I have and add more palm to it? The ones I made seem to throw well and are dry.
  8. I had in my notes that palm wax could hold a 10% load. I have igi 2322. I made some wax tarts (wickless) at 7.5% I went to order more and the website I got it from says that it can hold a lot. Vague. So, I looked it up, and now I see palm wax has a 3% fo load. That seems so small when Ive always used double that and see that a lot of people use 6%? Can anyone confirm the fo load of 2322 palm? I havent noticed it seeping out or anything.
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