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  1. Love your new profile picture and wanted to tell you that...but I wasn't sure where to post it..so I did it here..hope you don't mind. I just changed mine recently too..similar to yours.  Mine is a pic of me with our Abbey when we first got her 4 years ago.  She still acts like a pup now..lol.


    I can tell by that pic that your dog just adores you..


    1. Gary in Canada

      Gary in Canada

      I love your pics with Bonnie..she is a beautiful dog...I have read your reply about 4 times..and each time I read it..I have to pause and reach for a tissue before continuing..I actually went to bed last night and woke up thinking about you and your beloved pet..geez...the older I get, the more sentimental I get.  I am really sorry for your loss..


      Looking at your pics and message, I can tell she was a great companion for you through out her life, and that must have been one of the most difficult times for you when she was not well.  I have been through the same thing a few times, and every time I say..".I can't go through this again"...but a couple of months later, I miss the companionship and love that a dog like Bonnie (and our Abby) gives you, and I give in and get another furry family member .


      I know I always thought I would not be able to replace our original pet..but each new one had its own personality and we learned to live and adapt to our new pet, and hopefully you can do that also...it seems to me that Bonnie was the perfect companion to you and hopefully you can come close to Bonnie with a new companion...




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