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  1. That's what I thought . Wood wicks are a pain to trim the first time you're unsure what you're doing LOL
  2. Do you guys trim wicks before you sell them? I work with wood wick candles and when I see candles I see a mixture of wicks that are trimmed and ready to go as well as those that remain untrimmed for customers to trim themselves. What do you guys do with your candles?
  3. I like the way you test them ! I need to stop over extending myself and breathe and take my time or it's going to come back to bite me in the but lol
  4. Honestly only 2 have drowned out ! So that's been nice at least. Th3 most recent ones smoked on the first burn but did well after that
  5. Ive usex mainly wooden wicks and have gotten good burns most times. I finally found the wick but have always been using 10% So I'm praying lowering the load helps. It burns nice and clean without fragrance though. I use 12 oz libbey jars from the jar store. I even poke relief holes in them to be safe and run them over with a heat gun after .
  6. Thanks you guys. I have tested without FO AND they burn great with no soot or anything. I've almost burned them all the way down. I don't think it's the wick. I think it was the FO load so I made 2 more today. One 8% And one 6%. I'm going to let them cure for a week and see what happens. Fingers crossed. I was too ambitious to start with and was testing way too many fragrances at once. It took me a solid 2 months to learn that the FO changes the way each candle burns which was such a dumb mistake by me. Thanks for the encouragement though ! The wicks I use have been great. They discolor the wax a bit but that's expected honestly and with the labeling you won't really even be able to tell. I'll keep you all posted !
  7. So I definitely did not know how much went into making a good candle and now I am really trying not to quit on myself! Do you think lowering the FO would also help with smoking issues I'm having? I'm going to bring it down to 8% I think in the 444 wax ( currently at 10%) I know my husband is getting annoyed with how much I'm spending on candle making items already while I continue to test and retest everything. I've been getting awesome HT with the wood wicks from wooden wick Co. and the melt pools are perfect with the wick matching I have done so far. But at the top of the candle, the flame tends to get too high for my comfort and flickers with smoke. Then i notice at times when it gets to the bottom, the flame changes and occasionally will drown out. I know this can be also attributed to drafts and what not or improper burning but I'm hoping the changing the FO level will help with the smoking and I won't have to switch blends. I have contemplated switching to parasoy blend but I know that every variable changes things and don't know if it's worth starting all the way over unless changing would make my life easier in the long run. What are ya'lls thoughts on FO load with this wax and its effect on the burn.
  8. Jbruza

    Testing Wax batches

    With the ones I have burned and that have burned nicely with a FO, how many test candles do you make ? I have a few that I really think are working nicely but have only burned once or twice all the way to the bottom. Is this enough to officially decide on a wick for this particular FO?
  9. Jbruza

    Testing Wax batches

    Yes- per your message a while back I made a couple of test candles with my two wicks and am seeing how they burn and how long they take to achieve the full melt pool. I will continue to do this with each carton I buy and hope that it saves me money :)!
  10. Hello- It was recommended for me to learn what my wax acts like without FO added to help me test when I get new orders in to make sure it's not a bad batch of wax ETC. That being said, I use GW444 and am wondering why the unscented candles I'm making don't burn the same as with FO. For instance, the wick that i found works best with my FO's and gives me a nice even melt pool when it is mixed with fragrance doesn't achieve a full melt pool without an FO. Can anyone offer scientific insight to this? My husband says that oil is like a fuel and adds to the flame of the candle possibly producing a hotter burn which is why the full Melt pool is achieved with the scented candles in comparison to the unscented. I'm curious as to what you might have to say about it. THanks!
  11. Thats what someone was telling me- that even if there is no draft, it's the way your air in your home might be circulating. So from a consumers perspective its all going to vary based on layout of home etc.
  12. So this may be a dumb question- but with some of my candles, I get a decent HT ( like a 3.5-4) in strength but for some reason It doesn't go fully around the candle. For instance. If I have it in my lobby it might tend to be strong in the living room area but not actually in the lobby area. Is that normal? There is no draft and no fan going either. Not sure why it's doing that and if it's normal. If I place it in the middle of my kitchen I find it stronger in certain areas as well. Just looking to see if this is normal. It's been so long since I"ve tried a candle other than mine as well so maybe thats part of it.
  13. Jbruza

    Holiday Scent

    Great insight! Thanks
  14. I use the GW444 personally. Does anyone have any insight as to what FO have the best hT in this? I've only found 2 out of like 15 that totally knock my socks off every time without fail.
  15. Jbruza

    Holiday Scent

    Hello! So, I'm hoping to be able to start selling candles by December or January- ( ALMOST DONE TESTING)... That being said, Should i still focus on holiday smells like spruce? christmas? pumpkin?. I'm not sure if people will still be interested even though I look for pumpkin and caramel scents all year round! Any insights on the types of smells I should focus on? So far I have a Fir tree, clean linen and tropical scent that have tested well. I'm not sure if I should omit the Christmas Fir tree smell for something more springlike and floral. I only want to start off with like 3-4 in my inventory.