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Vanilla bergamot amber FO?

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I just had a new customer ask if I can duplicate a fragrance she loves that combines vanilla, bergamot and amber.  Whatever happened to people requesting a lavender candle??!!  

There aren't any FO's that I saw on Google that combine vanilla and bergamot; I was hoping to try adding an amber FO to that.  Any suggestions on where to start with this?  Which vanilla would work well here?  I'm sure it's not sweet.

She's looking to see if she has any of the lotion that carries this scent.  Another needle in a haystack but I'll try to find it!  I'll gladly take any and all input 

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5 hours ago, Gsmakinsoap said:

WSP has a Bergamot Amber. It smells nice. You could try adding some vanilla to it. I might try it myself.

Thank you SO much!  I completely overlooked this one in my  exhaustive/exhausting  search.  I just ordered it-thanks again!!

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