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Baked Bean Candles

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Wax + Baked Bean Can + Wick = Candle.

Which wick would you use for a 14.5-16oz baked bean can?

I want to use up old wax from different experiments. These will be burned outside so some smoking shouldn't be a problem especially if the mosquitos are out in force.

Wax, Dye, FO are unimportant since I'll be using all the leftovers and be throwing them into the same can. I don't even care about tunneling or left over wax because that'll get remelted and used in the next can.

Looking to add a little ambience to the patio. Hopefully, this will be one of those times when someone actually got a nice smell from beans.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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That sounds like a great idea to get rid of old wax. Last year I made Citronella candles and they turned out to cost soooo much more than if I'd of bought them on sale somewhere. May have to try your idea.

Do you know if all your wax is paraffin and if so is the melt point of all the waxes relatively close? IMO...its hard to recommend a wick until we know the wax type(s). If you added any pillar/tart wax in there would help if you could advise on that too. :)

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Oops, my mistake, forgetting the wax type. Yes, I'm using paraffin.

I keep and old can in the freezer that gets topped off with bacon fat . It gets thrown out when it's full. Isaw it this morning and thought I should do the same with my candles (except for the freezer part).

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P.S. Most of the wax will be 4630, but the odd bit of random paraffin may get added. If the other paraffin waxes become less random then I can always use the store brand beans for those or switch to soup. Maybe I can cook my beans over a bean candle and my soup over a soup candle. I can leave the price on to make people think they were expensive (or cheap). When the "what's in you pot this weekend" message goes out, I can can just respond "Soup" or "Beans" and be telling the truth.

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