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White on my c3 soy candles?

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Part of the time I notice that my candles cure with white frothy looking areas on my candles. Help it makes them look too bad to sell? Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I use C3 soy with lone star liquid dye.

thanks, Rhonda+

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It's frosting. C3 and most other soy waxes are prone to this phenomenon. Frosting is the result of the crystals in the wax morphing to different, less desirable phases. There are techniques one can use to minimize it, but certain FOs and dyes promote it. A lot has been written i the veggie wax forum both about frosting in general and how to control it in C3.

If you need assistance with troubleshooting this, we need some specific information from you and some photos would help.

What temp did you heat the wax to?

At what temp did you add dye & FO?

At what temp did you pour?

What kind kind how much FO did you use?

How much dye did you use?

How did you cool the candles?

How/where are you storing the candles?

What does the temperature range in the storage area?

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Same Here....

I could pour the candles and they would look perfect for a day, or maybe week, even a month or so.......... Then the weather/temperature would change and BAM.. They would frost.. :sad2:

To unpredictable for me. So I went dye free. Less headaches.

ETS.. What's up Cindy!!!:cheesy2:

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