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So I'm wondering what your expectations are for HT in your tarts/clamshells before selling them?

Approximately how long to you expect to get a strong HT from them? Hours? Days?

Do you expect them to just fill a room?(say a large room) Flow into other rooms? Or fill the house?

Hope I'm asking these so that you understand. I just don't know what I should expect of my tarts/clamshells:confused:

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I expect my tarts to throw scent for at least 8 hours. I have many that will throw more than 20 hours. In my opinion, it is very scent dependent more so than supplier dependent as to how long a tart will to last or how large a room it should fill. I can't get a sugar cookie to throw more than 8 hours and I've tried at least 10 different suppliers and wax combos. On the other hand rose seems to throw forever, although no one orders it, and my laundry detergent type scents also throw for a couple of days and fill an entire 3500 sq foot two story house with a rather open floor plan. Again, doesn't matter of the supplier, they just throw and throw in some scents.

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RN, here's what I would do. Go buy a few different Scentsy bars, burn and test them, and then make it your goal to make yours better. That way you have a base from which to work up from. If you've never tried Scentsy, you won't ever know how yours compare.

That's probably a good idea. I have never used any scentsy products. I did buy some melts from a on line candle company a couple years ago and used the only tea light melter that I had for them. I don't remember how long they lasted but do remember them starting to smell like burnt wax after a while. I now have an electric warmer since it looks like that is the trend. I need to get my hands on one of those night light plug in warmers and a one of those candle warmers with the bowl too. A lot of my co-workers with kids have requested the wickless stuff.

Anyway, it sounds like I am on the right track though. I made a bunch of clamshells and tarts a few weeks ago and of the two that I have tested lasted pretty darn long...... I think. I tried the Honeysuckle from CS, which I thought was kind of a light scent, and it filled my family room and flowed into the kitchen and out into the foyer for the first day or two, about 8-10 hours each day. It started to fade after that. 2nd was Mediterranian Fig from CS and pretty much same results. I can still smell it after a few days but very light & only in the family room, more so if passing by it. I can't wait to test some of the stronger scents like the Winter Candy Apple which is my absolute favorite :)

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