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What did my recipe do?!


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Okay, I started using this recipe over a year ago, used to use it with Coconut Oil but switched over to Babassu a few weeks ago as I now have a Coconut allergy in the house and it was making me squicky. No problem, I plugged the new oil into SoapCalc and it actually said that in a lot of ways the change would improve the recipe. Yay!

Anyway, so I made a batch with the new recipe, it's beautiful (I really should post pics). Well, then I decided that a 1.5lb batch would fit in my mold better so I re-calculated the recipe to accommodate the extra half pound. The numbers all seemed like they matched and I made the soap. So now admittedly, the first batch I made was a custom blend of FO's and I know those can cause weirdness. I wasn't terribly surprised when the soap acted funny (I'll explain 'funny' in a minute). Did another batch, this time it was Southern Soaper's Dragon's Blood, acted funny again. Okay, maybe that FO is just weird in soap. Decided to go for one more batch, this time it was one of the Amber Scents I picked up recently, I believe from Peaks (I hate when the memory trolls beat me about the head). Again, it just acted funny.

Now, let me explain 'funny'. I did all of these as CPHP, my new favorite way to soap. I add the FO at trace, what seems to be happening is something, not sure exactly what though it does seem to have a slight zap to it so I'm assuming it's my lye solution comes leeching out of this soap insanely fast. I tend to wrap my molds in these old ugly beach towels and I can usually leave it folded in quarters and still get all the way around the mold at least once, usually if I'm careful about it 1.5 times. The last time I did a batch, all 4 layers of towel was SOAKED and lucky enough I left it sitting on a glass top table because there was liquid all over the table.

The recipe I'm using is as follows:

Babassu Oil 20%

Castor Oil 20%

PKO 15%

RBO 20%

Shea Butter 5%

Sunflower Oil 20%

The only reason I'm thinking something is off is because a 1lb batch works just fine but all 3 times I tried to go at 1.5lb something went wrong. Planning on doing a batch today at 1lb w/Peaks MidSummer's Night, going to see how that goes. I should also add that I did cut and am curing all of the batches that acted funny and whereas they aren't zapping me when I handle them, the texture is vastly different then what I'm used to. It's very crumbly and much more prone to cracking then I've ever had a soap be.

Any thoughts?

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