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Coconut oil

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I have been reading through old threads about adding coconut oil to soy candles. I wonder how did this work out in the long run? Is it anyone using it anymore and is it working?

I use Xcel and B-135 and I have figured out the wick and are now working with frosting and wet spots...and I read somewhere that coconut oil would be good.

I'm also worried that the candle would rancid, anyone experienced that?

Well, I will make some candles with coconut oil to try for myself but it's always god to know what works in the long run.

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These are very different products and the approach to them has to be different. First, read through NGI's instructions on their website over and over again about how to use and pour their waxes. It helps.

If you are using Xcel, pay attention to your melting, pouring and cooling techniques and to the dyes, FOs (and amounts) you use, to help tame frosting issues.

With CB-135, this is a different animal which takes lots of technique and care to reduce frosting issues. You could try CO, but it isn't magic. Cottonseed oil, palm oil and palm wax also help reduce frosting, but they aren't magic either. CO has a low rate of rancidity and a long shelf life. It will be diluted into the wax so it isn't just sitting there by itself going bad. The amount used is very small - from 1 tsp. to 1 Tbsp. PP. You could also try adding some USA (1 Tbsp. PP) to help improve the texture and stability of 135.

Many people use CO in their soy wax candles to help certain issues. Sometimes it helps; sometimes it doesn't. Depends on the wax, the way it's used, the other ingredients and the person making the candles. You'll have to experiment to find what works best for you.

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I have heard to use the coconut oil to help with scent throw, but to me it doesn't seem, to make much difference. As far as the frosting and the wet spots that just doesn't bother me, as long as the candle has great HT and CT, and burns correctly.

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