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Thickening hand sanitizer


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Hello -

I'm trying out a hand sanitizer base. I got a sample from candles & supplies which according to the ingrediants list should be the same as BCN's

I'm generally liking it. It seem so be moisturising like they advertised.

The problem is it's also pretty runny.

Is there a good way to thicken this? Maybe something that would make it more of a gel like the ones in the stores? Maybe add a butter? It shouldn't be like a lotion where the perservative would be thrown off . . . but it also might be altering it too much to make it saleable because it's got the whole OTC drug issue?

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I wrote Candles and Supplies about this & this because I was still worried about compromising the base & this was the reply I got:

You can actually add a product called Sure Jel. You can find this located in the canning aisle at the grocery store.

On the package where it states to add the water to the product you use the sanitizer in place of that.

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No, I don't think you want to boil it! I'm curious to hear the response. I was thinking aloe gel but that would dilute the sanitizer. Crothix is used to thicken surfactant mixes; maybe it would work here? You can find it at the Herbarie. If you can heat the product maybe some Amaze XT, xantham, or any gellant or carbomer.

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Good news! OK sort of.

Candles and Supplies just checked thier last shippment and found out that it's runnier than usual so they'll be getting more in and sending me another sample. I don't have to fix the problem on my end! And the sanitzer is great as far as being affective and not drying so if it's thicker I should be really happy with it. She should be sending me another sample when the new product is in.

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