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416 vs 464 blend


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I've been doing this for about 9 months now so I'm still a 'newbie'.. :-) I've gotten my blend down for my clamshell tarts (464 and paraffin blend with stearic acid additive) but I've began doing molds as well, and I need something more solid for them.

I've tried increasing the paraffin, but I notice a lose a lot of the throw when I do that. I've also tried BW (about 10% to 90% 464) to tighten it up, but it makes it entirely too brittle. I've also tried the 464 with the universal soy additive, but the frosting is ridiculously bad with that mix.

I'm considering switching to 416 (Natural Soy 135 from the candlemakers store) since I've read it works better for molds.

I know everyone has mixed opinions on 416, but how do the FO's perform in it? Did you still have to use additives to get it stronger?

My main concern is keeping my scent throw strong, and having a tart that's releases well from the mold and doesn't look like crap (I know, isn't that what every candle maker wants?! :-D )

Thanks all!

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