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Unrefined shea butter guestion...


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So it is time to place an order for some shea butter. I order 10 pounds at a time and the last times I ordered shea butter I ordered the refined, came white as could be and no scent at all. I am now thinking about ordering the unrefined though after some reading but wanted to ask those of you who use/used unrefined, does the smell linger in finished soaps and lotions? I know with my unrefined cocoa butter the scent stays in my end products so I always assumed the shea butter scent would stay in the end product too. I have never smelled unrefined shea butter but from all I have read it has anywhere from a light to a strong smokey/nutty odor?? So does the scent carry over into the finished products? This was the reason I have always ordered refined, afraid the scent would stick in my products, but if the scent does not stay in the product I would like to just order the unrefined but wanted to ask opinions before I placed my order. Thanks!

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I sell only Grade A pure unrefined Shea Butter that is certified by the American Shea Butter Institute. Please see my website at www.laehshea.com for lab analysis. Most Shea Butter on the web is not pure shea butter. Shea Butter is a woody smell, but the vast majority of Shea Butter on the market is mixed with palm kernel oil which adds to the pungent smell. I am one of two doctors who are Shea Butter certified and grade shea butter for cosmetic companies.

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