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Starting A online SAHM and Crafters marketplace would like to fill up


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Hey yall!!

Hows it going?Hope ya are having a great day,I hope this is the right board to post this on,if it isnt im sorry guys I will remove it asap lol.*Please dont get mad lol* Ok everyone im starting a new marketplace for crafters,SAHM websites and resources and i would like to fill it up a bit before we reopen next week.Its free for whoever would like to and I would appreciate it very much.The only thing we ask is for our small marketplace banner somewhere on your site.I want it to be a marketplace that will be informative and will cover alot of subjects for the visitors.If you would like to please post below or email me your banner,url,description of site, and a bit about yourself.It will help everyone get alot more traffic and get more links for the search engines.Were also doing a coupon page with a list of coupons and a link to your site.If ya would like to add yours to that (its free for ya to lol)email or post your coupon and url perdy please lol.Ok you guys talk to ya soon,BIG SOUTHERN HUGSSS

Annie Mae

The Graphics Shoppe

A community for SAHM's and Crafters


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