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My first soy candles...how did I do? (pics)

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So, I made my first soy candles. I've attached some pictures...tell me how you think they turned out. Go ahead and give me some constructive criticism, but be gentle, I'm brand new at this!

The first few pictures look pretty good, I think, as the green and brown candles turned out pretty well. The red ones turned out horrific - super rough tops, holes, pock marks, craters - yuck, they are just terrible. :(

Hopefully I'll continue to get better at this! :cheesy2:





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What kind of wax & dye did you use?

Overall, I think they all look pretty doggoned good (even the red) especially for a first effort. :yay:

It looks to me like all the candles could have used more stirring. The tops cooled unevenly, but not terribly so. Red can be a problem child. The appearance isn't as important to me as whether the candle burns well and has a great hot throw. I hope you'll post your test photos when you get around to lighting them. :)

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Hey there, I have to agree with Stella. Especially for a first pour you should be very happy with the result. Even the red look pretty good. I am with Stella in that appearance is not as important to me as HT either, although if I can get both then I am one happy little doobee. As has been mentioned some colours / scents or combinations of can be more difficult and frustrating than other.

Give yourself a huge pat on the back and keep up the good work. We will look forward to seeing you pictures when you begin to test.

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