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Bulk (Wholesale) FO Quantities


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I have a question regarding FO packaging at wholesale level.

Does anybody by chance know the size of the drums of FO when sold wholesale?

By wholesale I am talking from the manufacturer to the reseller (who we usually buy off). Most resellers package down into smaller sizes to sell to us.

I am interested in knowing the usual size/quantity that the resellers purchase from the manufacturers before repackaging.

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you,

Was curious as to what the bulk amounts were likely to be. I purchase my FO's in approx 5lb bottles (sold here by the volume not the weight...so approx 2500mls).

Have been striking increasing issues with supply of 2500ml (5lb) bottles from the suppliers. From each bulk drum they only allow a certain number of each size to be poured from the drum and cost the entire drum accordingly. Once the large bottles are sold they will not fill any more until the next bulk shipment comes in, which is usually once all the 100ml, 100ml, 25ml, & 10ml bottles are sold.

I normally try to keep at least two 5lb bottles of FO in stock but with demand it is getting increasingly harder to do, hence my question about the bulk size as I may start sourcing FO directly from manufacturers to ensure supply.

35lb bottles directly from the manufacturer would suit me perfectly - now to find who manufactures my main FO's!

Thank everyone,


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