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Air pockets/GB 464


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Hoping for some feedback from people who use GB 464

I seem to be getting air pockets right around the wick.

Used 1.20 lbs of GB 464

Heated to 175 added dye chips

used A little over an 1oz of sweet pea added between 175 and 170

stirred and poured

Poured 2-12 oz jars one at 170 and at 150

Made sure the jars were heated and also covered them with a box to not cool to fast as other people had recommended.

More air pockets on the one for 170

Less on 150 but still had some

Any feedback would be wonderful. Getting very discouraged over here.

The other day I did same thing but heated to 185 and poured at 150 with Jingleberry FO and got the somewhat the same results but a little worse.

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