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Setting Up Quickbooks


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For those who are familiar with Quickbooks..

1) If you make product do you set up cost of material and when you make a complete product have a set cost?


2) Just calc out cost prior to setting up inventory and put cost as a whole number?

And when you post purchases to (make) whole items are you itemizing as a cost of sales or just posting purchases to vendors?

I hope I explained myself well...Sorry

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Are you using just quickbooks or Quickbooks Pro?

I use Pro and when listing items I sell I set it up at the price I sell it for. Each fragrance, style, and size gets its own item.

As far as vendors. Each invoice I enter in itemized. So say like something you order often such as wax, you intitially set up then farther on down the line you just start typing the first few letters and the wax pops up and you just need to plug in how many units purchased. I'm not sure how much different the Pro version is so if you're not using it I hope this helped :smiley2:

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I think it is standard version.. But I think I know what your saying..

So you itemize your purchases from vendors ie: wax, wicks and so on.... but when you inventory finished products you put in your actual calculation on that particular item.. So in essence your showing cost/ being supplies to make items and then showing retail/cost on the inventory part? right??

It is sooooo much easier to make the stuff.

BTW.. do you break down the itemization? for example/ GG wax- $69.00 for 50lbs.. do you figure the price per pound on QB or do you just leave as a whole?



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I leave it as a whole. I only break down individual costs (as in units per candle) when figuring my costs for each particular product.

And yes, I enter everything in from my vendor's including shipping. I have never used the standard version so I hope I'm not confusing you but the basics should still be the same.

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. Just remember that every transaction of money, whether paid or received should be entered into your program. Before to long you'll be whizzing through your entries like a pro :smiley2:

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