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"fun" soaps


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I am going to add a small line to my soaps of all "fun" soaps. These would be little novalty/gift soaps. Here are my ideas so far and was wondering if you guys had any others. They don't all have to be melt and pour, they can be from scratch as well.

fish bowl- clamshell soaps with fish embeds (saw them on this forum)

"ducks" on a pond

lumps of coal and snowman/raindeer "poop"- for the holiday season

cupcake soaps - found a tutoral on soap queen tv that I thought was cute and would try

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I have made those too. I made soap in small molds - think I used the candy mold and placed a silly band in it. I have not sold any yet. I have shows coming up soon. I do the duckie ones and the ones with the monkeys and stuff on top. The ones with the erasers in them always sell good too.

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I did half and half. I poured the clear melt and pour soap first. Put the silly band in the mold. Let that layer set up and then poured a layer of white melt and pour that I colored. It looked really cute.

Also rebeccajo you could do the same thing but put money in it. I want to make the money soap for stocking stuffer's this year. You just wrap the soap in a zipplock bag, or put it in a little lip pot.

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My silly banz soaps are popular too. I even layer them so they will get more than one but you have to work for it.

For the money soaps I used those a lot around June as graduation gifts or wedding gifts. It looks really neat if you look up money folding online and fold it up. I just wrap mine in plastic wrap before I put it in the soap.

http://soap-queen.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2008-08-18T23%3A29%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7 These soaps are really fun and I do them with all kinds of vehicles. I think my most popular one is my tractor. I get those little squishy animals and put them in the windows.

Soapsicles are fun too. I use a popsicle mold and put stuff in it like erasers. If you look on the Soapylove website you will see them. There are directions all over online.

My only advice on this is when I have made really fun ones I get a ton of people pick them up and say how cute they are but they say "they are too cute to use" put it down and walk away so the soaps that are plain but have something in them have been the best sellers.

Good luck


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