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Uh oh...M&P problem


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OK, seriously...is there really nasty soap fairies out there? And if so, which one of you sent them here?!?!

The other day, I melted some clear M&P glycerine soap base in my crockpot. I added some honey, then didn't get time to use it. Turned pot off.

Today, I am going to put it...turn crock pot on to "keep warm" and leave for about 15 minutes.

Come back to crock pot on HIGH and M&P base boiling like crazy!! My base is dark brown/ almost black...and smells really strong of glycerine. (Will post pic as soon as I find camera) Anyway...is it ruined? Should I toss it? I am not fond of that smell to begin with...so it is making me rather barfy. Let me try and track down the camera...I really need to show it. Before this, with the honey, it was a very nice golden yellow. I have always used the microwave to melt this stuff before...but wanted to do a larger batch.


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