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almond and sweet almond


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Yes. Unless it's not.

SAO is a light oil with little to no scent. It's used as a base oil in soap and other products. Many people will say "Almond Oil" and mean SAO.

However, there is almond essential oil too. Usually this is referred to as "Bitter almond oil" or "Almond EO" but it's possible someone could call it "almond oil" if they assumed that readers would know they meant it as a scent and not as a base oil.

So I'd say there's a 95+% chance the answer is yes, but an outside chance that it's no. Clear as mud, right?

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I notices when I read the recipes some say SAO and some say AO, but in both cases a fair amount is listed, so can't be the essential oil. I actyally bought a bottle of oil that said "Almond Oil", it was sitting with other cooking oils.

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