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What are your thoughts on Flate Rate Shipping??

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I'm trying to offer my customers the best deal with shipping. It never fails I either estimate to high or to low..

I sell mainly tarts so what would be the best flat rate for them?? I have many customers who buy 4 at a time, so I'm spending almost $5 to ship them, there has to be something cheaper.. Shipping cost more than the item itself..

Thank you,

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padded envelopes tend to be cheaper than the flat rate depending on the weight, but thats a big "depending". How much do your tarts weigh? I would test that out, because I've saved money that way before. Not always though.

Shipping sucks, no way around that! The FRE and FRB are both 4.90, I'm assuming thats what you use now.. its not *terrible* considering most websites start at 7.90 and go up from there no matter WHAT they are shipping, but I wish they had a size inbetween the medium and small because the small may fit tarts or a few bars of soap.. but it wont fit a candle. :rolleyes2 there is just no easy answer. I feel the same way.. it costs about $5.00 (not in a flat rate) plus the cost of a box, to ship one candle.

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also check out shipping USPS online too. Ordering and printing your shipping labels online will save some money too (plus, you don't have to drive to the post office :)) For my soaps, it cheaper to send 1 or 2 bars in a padded envelope, but 3 bars in a small frb.

UPS and USPS have an online shipping calculator. So grab your scale, a tape measure and play around with packaging and those calculators. You should be able to narrow it down a little bit more and closer for your customers.

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