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DS Island Goddess Cupcake

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So I really like this now that I finally tested it out. One question though...for those that use this do you have a hard time incorporating it into your wax? I was working off my 2 oz sample and just ordered a larger bottle. I found that with the sample the oil totally seperated from my wax both times. I have never had this happen like it did with this fo. I even stirred it really well the second time. Just wondering if it's because I made a small batch and didn't have enough to really incorporate it.

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This is good to know, I just got my sample today and was going to pour it in the next couple of days.

I'm trying to find a 'blend' so I need to actual IGC to compare in wax, I have it in B&B products right now (that I bought, not made).

I'll try to add it hotter as suggested and cross my fingers lol.


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