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now what......

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Paraffin, palm,beeswax , soy...ect... go though a process to be used to make candles. There is a formula that each manufacturer goes though to make each one. There are hundreds? of different waxes. Each supplier carries his/her favorite or customer demands.

Why oh why do we have to go though a change of wax when the supplier decides that they don`t want to carry the line anymore or in my case they solded out ,another person kept it opened for a few months and has now disappeared ?:mad:

They dont want to tell you what brand you were ordering from them for the last 8 years. I thought it was plain paraffin. So now what...go though a few years of trying to get a new formula down now?????:angry2:

Brad is helping me out and says that he has something similar, but still...what if it doesnt work?

Whats with all the blasted secretes.

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Secretes.... I have told suppliers where I have gotten things and they want me to keep it a secrete. The one that is really bothering me now is the reed diffuser base, I know it's NOT DPG. If they are going to sell, tell us what's in it. Most don't want to mess with mixing it themselves. Same with the room sprays, I would rather mix myself. With body spray I would rather buy mixed already. But the price is way too much, don't know how anyone makes money on it.

I know your pain with the wax. Ask on the forums if anyone knows what the wax was? And where else to buy it? Tell were you got it. If a supplier is calling their wax by a different name then it's out there somewhere. They can't afford to have a wax special mixed for them, no way. Maybe Bitter Creek, Nature Garden and CandleWic cause they are so big. But IMO the smaller companies can't. Good luck...

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