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KY parasoy & 2oz ovals


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I am testing out the KY parasoy votive/tart blend and I'm pouring into the 2oz black oval portion cups.

First time out I used 1.5oz Santa's Whiskers (KY) and 1lb wax (all weighed out) I melted to 165 in my presto pot then put the melted wax in my pour pot w/ the FO (no color or other additives) & mixed, mixed, mixed then poured at about 150.

I ended up with not only dimples, which I kind of expected from my reading, but with a little dip in the center.

So...2nd time, I used 1.5oz Mandarin Coconut (KY) & 1lb wax (weighed out again) heated again to 165 and then poured into the pour pot with FO. I let cool until 140 and then poured super slow.

This time my dips weren't as bad, but still there (along w/ the dimples) I also ended up pouring 2 of the metal scallops for a tea light tester I have. The scallops had no dips and one of the portion cups that I only filled 3/4 full had no dips or dimples.

I was wondering if maybe they were cooling too fast on the outside portion, or if I need to pour even cooler...I'm stumped. I'm planning to pour again tonight so I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. I don't mind the dimples all that much, but the dips in the center aren't very attractive, even in uncolored wax.

The scent throw for both has been excellent at the 24 hour mark (where I melt the first one) both CT and the melted throw (HT? lol) is really good. Filling up our whole downstairs area. SW lasted for about 2 1/2-3 days. I am just now melting MC and so far its giving just as good a throw as SW, but I am now timing to see how long it lasts.

Thanks in advance,


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I have had the same things happen with those portion cups. I haven't tried any of the round portion cups yet, but I think the dimples will just come with the wax. You can try mixing this wax with soy to get smooth tops. I haven't done it, but have heard good reviews on doing so. I'm sure someone will chime in.

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Okay to answer my own post. I've found that with the 2oz oval portion cups (not sure about the round, I haven't used those) that I have to pour a bit cooler about 140 and very very slow,

then I stick a box over them, not sure if that will change when the weather heats up or not though and I end up with zero center dips..

still get some dimples, but like I said the slight dimples don't bother me or my testers too much, its the caved in center that I was looking to avoid...Yay! for testing lol.

With my 1oz metal scallop molds, I can pour warmer (anywhere from the 140 to 150) and pour speed doesn't seem to be as touchy with them as long as I'm not sloppy with it lol.

With the most recent batch (just poured 5 minutes ago) I tried out a couple of the 1oz oval portion cups to see if they take more after the scallop molds or the 2oz cups.

I am ordering some of the 1 oz clear ovals from a co-op here to try out with colors, as everything I've been pour is 'natural' in color scope as the dyes are starting to intimidate me lol.


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