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6006 and Small wicks

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Been playing with 6006 in a 3 inch status jar. I am finding that a 44-20-18z wick is working well so well in fact looking to go a size smaller to see what that does.

With other waxes ive been using up to a 51-32-18z. Finding it hard to believe but ive not found a scent yet that a 44-20-18z does not work well in.

I have some fil-tecs that i wanted to try has anyone ever tried them in 6006?

Just find it interesting that this wax burns so easily.

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I have tried the filtecs in 6006 and I did not like them at all. I thought they sooted way to much. I use a 6% load. I still have found the zincs to work the best in this wax straight or cd's when a bit of soy is mixed in. I have been testing with this wax for quite some time and I love the way it looks and its easy to cut etc but it's been a real pain to wick but I'm getting very close to where I want to be with zincs but still a little tweaking to do. I called filtec and told them what type of wax I was using,fo load and jar diameter and they sent me a range of sizes that should work in that jar but unfortunately none of them did but they are very nice there and super helpful.

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