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Cajun Candles will be dropping C3

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Coming Soon!! EcoSoya™ wax coming early Summer 2010!

Due to problems with NatureWax™ being able to provide us with the waxes that our customers have grown accustomed to and since NatureWax will no longer provide us with a pillar or votive blend we have decided to change our soy wax supplier to EcoSoya™ wax. This decision did not come easy, nor did we take our responsibility lightly in providing our customers with the highest quality soy wax on the market. We tested virtually every soy wax on the market and EcoSoya™ wax out performed every other soy wax with regards to scent retention as well as making a nice looking soy candle. Anyone that has ever attempted to work with soy wax knows how fickle soy wax can be but in my best opinion I feel that the new EcoSoya™ wax is as good or better than any wax that we have previously offered, and I'm certain that our NatureWax™ customers will like it just as well. We look forward to making EcoSoya™ wax available early Summer 2010. We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to working with you in the future.

Urggggg Just when you find a wax you like and can get it local they drop it,Well I guess I will have to try the Ecosoya because it is Local.I hope Ecosya has the same Ht as C3.Just thank God I'm just testing I fill sorry for those that has wholesale orders to fill.Thanks for listening.

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