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SO IM LOOKING TO MAKE IT EASIER TO MAKE CANDLES AND I SEEN ON PEEK HOW TO converting a Presto Kitchen Kettle into an efficient, cost-effective wax melter with a handy spigot for easy dispensing HAS ANYONE EVER DONE THIS AND IS IT WORTH THE MONEY TO DO IT AND CAN YOU DO DIFFERENT SCENTS IN IT

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lol k.. now that I've gotten that out of my system.

Yes I've made one, I used the Peaks candle instructions too. I like it... but honestly I barely ever even think to use it.

I dont do scents in my presto, just melt the wax with it. I use my pour pots to add scent and (color, if you use it).

Generally I just pick up the whole presto pot and dump the wax into my mixing/pour pot.. its way faster and since I only have a few hours a week to pour candles speed is most important to me.

Just remember if you do make one.. to make sure the spout is closed before you fill it full of wax.. a few of us may have forgotten to do that in the past.... haha

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hehe s'ok, it just makes me laugh when I see it because as I read it, I imagine someone yelling.. lol. I'm weird like that.

If you want to have loads of wax melted... seach the forums for "turkey fryer" There is a particular brand that works really well, an electric version, and it can melt a TON of wax.. and has a built in spigot so no drilling needed. It runs around $150 last time I checked but its worth it, IMO, depending on the amount of candles you are pouring on a regular basis.

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