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Igi 6006a

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As I figured here is the reply from IGI

Kay: Thank you for your interest in IGI. As this is a proprietary blend that was developed by IGI for sale into the marketplace, we are unable to divulge any information that you are requesting.


Frank Magee

Wholesale Business Unit Manager

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I can't give you accurate information but I believe it's around 80% paraffin and 20% soy as well. I seriously thought I saw more detailed information about this at BC saying it was 30% soy and 70% paraffin but don't see it there anymore.

Also Taylored Concepts has their own brand called Taylored replacement and they say you can compare it to IGI 6006 and their taylored replacement has 70% paraffin, 20% soy and 10% petro. However they do seem to be slightly different as I had some Taylored left over from 2-3 years ago and decided to play with a little just for grins and decided that the Taylored poured a little smoother in regards to sink holes and so forth but I was getting a better throw from my 6006.

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