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Advantages of wicks that curl vs those that don't

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I've searched the forums, but didn't quite find the answer that I was looking for, but I'm curious as to what are the advantages of wicks that curl, like CDs, vs those that don't? Is it just a matter of self-trimming vs mushrooming? I've been using mostly CDs and flatbraids in my soy candles, and do the usual advice of twisting the wicks, turning the candles and fiddling with the wicks while burning in order to achieve an even MP, but was wondering does a straight burning wick need this kind of fuss to burn evenly? I know there is no one "perfect" wick out there, but opinions would be appreciated. - TIA

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This is really subjective and depends a lot on the candle system itself. My best suggestion is to read descriptions on wick distributors' sites and to read wick manufacturers' sites for discussion and applications for their various wicks. Learning abuot different types of wicking, how a wick works, etc. will help you make up YOUR mind about what you'd like to try.

Heinz Jansen has a good bit of educatonal material about wicks on their site...


Atkins & Pearce offer discussion of their products & applcications...


Fil-Tec's site...


Wicks Unlimited




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Thanks Stella! I will definitely check out those websites and experiment with some other wicks. While reading through the forum, I saw Fil-Tec Ultra Core wicks mentioned a few times, which peaked my curiosity. Choosing a wick can be so overwhelming and intimidating at times for novices like me, especially when there's so many options available. Makes my head hurt just trying to sort it all out, lol!

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