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Probably extrememly stupid question about Ezsoy but here it goes...

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I curently use 6006 and have read some good tips on here about doing 85% 6006 and 15% soy to help with the sink hole issue. I have a little Ezsoy from BC that I thought I would play with. My question because I never have worked with soy is what is the best way to measure it? I looked on here without much success but maybe I am not using the right key words.

I currently just lay a piece of was on my scale and measure my 6006 directly. Since the Ezsoy is flakes do I put it in a container and tare the scale with my empy container? This is probably stupid but this is my best guess on the proper way to measure it- right?:whistle:

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I use a plastic butter tub.

If your scale has a "tare" feature, put an empty container on the scale. Tare. Then, without removing the container, fill to the desired weight.

If your scale doesn't have a tare feature, weigh the container, write down the value, then continue filling the container to the desired weight + the weight of the container. :)

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