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Help with 6006

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Okay this may be too many questions for one post but here goes. Let me start by saying that for the most part I am happy with my current choice of wax and wicking.

I have been using 6006 (nothing added to it although I think I might try the 85% 6006 and 15% ezsoy once I get this figured out) and zinc wicks.

I am happy with the zinc wicks EXCEPT for the mushroom. They aren't even bad on some of my candles but I keep mine trimmed. So I am trying a couple of new things. I have orders for the WU lower smoke zinc wicks and am picking up some CDN's this weekend. In the meantime I want to play with the CD's. I want to see how they burn, mushroom etc. in comparison.

I have a sample pack of CD's so I only have 5 each to play with and would love some advice on where to start.

I currently am testing on 11 and 20 oz tureens. So the diameters are 3 1/4 and 3 3/4 respectively.

With the zinc wicks I double wick both of these. Do I do that with the cd's or do I try a single wick. With only 5 of each to play with I'll run out fast if I totally screw this up. I can always buy more but am lost as to where to start. Do you think I should double wick them with a cd 8 to start.

I have tried to read as much as I could to figure this out but am so lost because as you know there are so many variables: wax, container, fo, dye, wicks. Everyone uses different things so I am not even sure where to start. Is there a chart that compares zinc and cd's? I know candlescience has a chart but they don't have zincs listed so I can't compare there.

So just to re-cap: 6006/6-10% FO depending on type/ small amount of dye. 3 1/4 and 3 3/4 diameter tureen containers.


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Stella I need to do that. I have my clippings I have been saving and keep meaning to pick up some tabs. It will be like having a whole new supply if I finally do that! Thanks for the suggestion. I am going to take pics in the am in the natural light. Not working too well at night with the flash.

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