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Bubbles on my wax

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Ok! Stella I thing you are right about the temps I thing I got it Finally!

I was Doing my temps wrong lower then 175 and thats when everything started And Stella you are right about the threads people get confused looking, like me Thanks again for your help:)

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Hey all, My hat goes off to Stella. Thanks for everthing you do here on the board, all of you. I hope you know how much you are appreciated. Cheers:yay::yay:


Sherry good move. Hope to here from you and IRBD soon. Hope I spelled that right.:laugh2:

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By George, I think she's GOT it!! :yay:

BEAUTIFUL!!!*super banana*:bliss:*super banana*

Now all ya gotta do is figure out exactly where you want your fill line to be... :) For threaded canning jars, I usually stop mine at the bottom where the threads begin. That leaves some headspace for the wick. :)

GOOD JOB!!! :yay::yay::yay:

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Yeah, but Sherry is pouring NatureWax C3... in the winter. :)

Stella! Now I know how good it feels to make something good to look @

and to all of you Lady's and Gentlemen thank you for the help you are given me. And Stella you are the best when it comes to Naturewax:thumbsup:


Now I can wait for Spring :cheesy2:

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