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FOH's Lavender Martini


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I actually purchased this oil from FOH once. If you've ever purchased any other martini-type scents before, then you'll understand it when I say that it had the alcohol-y undertones. This was one of those oils that IMO smelled better out of the bottle than in the finished product. I only put it into tarts to test (never into any of our b&b products), but the smell was just weird. I know that isn't very helpful, but it's the only adjective that fits :)

The lavender part of the FO was actually nice (for a lavender) - smelled closer to the essential oil lavender than the perfume-y lavender

I've tried all sorts of martini fragrances, but apparently I just have issues with the way the alcohol notes affect the final product....so I don't use any of them anymore.

Hope this helps some....

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