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Soy cb advanced mixed with pb soy?

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I have tried mixing GB 464 with pillar palm for my woodwick candles. The burn was very nice, throw was great, but they looked like crap.

Thats the best way to describe it unfortunately and people are going to be attracted first by the look and then cold throw, hot throw and burn.

I wish it was better as wood wick and soy just dont seem to want to co-operate.

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thank you for the info. I was thinking of trying the C3 as I have been reading it sounds like it has all the benefits. I read alot with the throw with the advance and it all says oh ya the throw is great same as 135 but oh no it is not. So now I sit here wanting get rid of my box of wax I used 135 in the past and should never changed but that darn no frosting got me.

thank so much I know dont change what is not broken:angry2:

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